“Remember to Fly”

You are stardust

Calm in the center of the storm

Powerful beyond measure

Singing into the darkness

The Voice of Truth

Your journey is long

Beginning at the very beginning

Before space and time

Continuing now into dimensions

Beyond your imagining

You are fierce

You are strong

You are Love

Always remember

Remember to Fly



Eyes Wide Open

With eyes wide open

You are wild

You have been chained by shame

Afraid to let your wildness be seen

Shamed by the consequences of your past, your old stories

Doing penance in seriousness

Not allowing the fullness of pleasure

Feeling undeserving and guilty

With my breath, your breath

We have blown open the chains

around your throat

There is more to come

You have the strength to embrace it all

Brilliance shining from within

Carrying you through the darkness

and the loneliness of loss

For you are not alone

Remember to breathe

To look deeper

To listen closely

See me

Hear me

Taste me

Feel me

Know me

For I am you

Keep your eyes wide open

And you will see my depths

No longer hidden

You have access now


I give you this reminder of the River of Life and the Eternal Cycle. You, your loved ones, your Beloveds, and all beings everywhere, great and small, are part of this ongoing cycle. The River of Life is always carrying us and always available to surrender into in every moment. Paint this River and the Eternal Cycle onto your canvas: From the Cosmos into the River of Life, into our earthly bodies, our dreams and our work, and then back into the Cosmos again. Remember this always.















“Space Traveler”

I am Space Traveler

I’ve come from the Cosmos

To gather my Beloveds

I’ve come collect you, Sherry

Let there be no doubt in your mind

I am you now

I give you this magic wand,

Wind Dancer

for it is your time now

to walk between worlds

and gather your Beloveds



Sacred Energy

You are the Sacred Vessel

You were created to be

In alignment with the Sacred Energy

That has created you

And all beings everywhere

Seen and unseen

Known and unknown

Live as this Sacred Vessel

Act as this Sacred Vessel

Create through this Sacred Vessel

All in service to the Sacredness of Life