About IC

Intentional Creativity simply put is creating with conscious intention. It’s a way of connecting the right brain, heart and left brain and activating them to work together consciously. It’s choosing to live in wonder and inquiry, and this gives us access to an inner world we may have lived most of our adult lives unaware of.

We all carry stories and beliefs about ourselves, often created subconsciously from childhood and our past losses and traumas. These subconscious stories form the lens through which see ourselves and others, and they determine how we respond to the experiences in our lives. They influence our present actions and the decisions we make for our futures.  All too often, they keep us in a loop of unintended experiences, re-creating unhappy, unfulfilling relationships, jobs, etc., over and over again; leaving us with the feeling that we are living our lives as less than we can really be.

With Intentional Creativity, we intentionally journey inside to discover the “Who” we are longing to be. We gain access to those subconscious stories and beliefs that have been running our lives; access to images and to new information about ourselves and our inner world that we didn’t know before. Then, when we put these stories, images and new information into form with conscious intention, with words, symbols and strokes of color, we activate the connection between our right brain, heart and left brain. This energizes conscious choice, and we begin to actively rewrite our old stories, creating the new stories and beliefs we really want to live by, that we actually want influencing our actions and decisions. And in the process, we begin to see ourselves and live our lives as who we really are, in alignment with who we can really be, the “Who” we were created to be.