My EFT Story


In 1978, just three months after his second birthday, my only child drowned. Paramedics were able to resuscitate his breathing and heartbeat, but Robin remained unconscious. He was in critical care for two weeks and then his organs failed.  When he died, I not only suppressed my grief, but also overwhelming guilt and shame. I didn’t know how to process grief or any of my emotions. I had never learned how; it isn’t something our western culture teaches. I buried it all deep inside me for 34 years and rarely acknowledged it.

Then, in 2012, my husband died, too. This time I was raw with grief and looked for help and support. When I discovered EFT tapping, my life changed forever. I learned how to literally “tap” into the deep, dark places inside me where guilt, regret and shame lived in the shadows, to bring them into the light of my own awareness, acknowledge them, and release them. Now, I can cherish the memories of both my husband and my child without the severe anguish and guilt I used to carry.  When feelings of sorrow do surface, I simply tap until I move from grief to love and gratitude.

This was such a powerful experience for me, it inspired me to become certified in EFT and additional energy techniques.  I have been trained and mentored personally by Dawson Church, PhD. I am certified through his organization, EFT Universe, to practice Clinical EFT, the science-based EFT method that has been validated by dozens of clinical trials.

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