Last year my family suffered the tragic loss of my nephew – he was only 24 years old when he died in a stupid accident. I was devastated and shocked, with feelings of grief and pointlessness that overwhelmed me in those first few months. I found it hard to continue with normal life and cried more than I ever have before. I eventually asked Sherry for help because I knew from a friend that she was incredibly compassionate and caring – and above all, that she would totally understand, having ‘been there’ herself. In our session (by Skype) I was amazed at the strong feelings that came up, thinking that I’d already worked through them. I felt that Sherry really ‘got’ me. We talked and used EFT on all of these feelings and on the unfairness and the waste of a life when someone dies so young. As the session went on I found myself growing lighter and much calmer. Since then I have felt a renewed sense of optimism and energy, while still holding the memory of my nephew very dearly in my heart. Sherry is an extremely experienced practitioner who led the session with a tranquil, caring and competent manner which was very healing. She helped me to move into a place of acceptance and peace. I am very grateful for having worked with her.
~Jenny Clift
Jenny Clift Coaching
Author of ‘The Music Inside’


I love Sherry’s beautiful energy and compassion.  Her gentle and skillful approach immediately put me at ease and allowed me to feel safe to uncover very deep childhood traumas.  She is incredibly thoughtful, insightful, in-tune and thorough.  Sherry has helped me break away from what has been holding me down so that I can be empowered to pursue my dreams.  She’s incredibly talented and will help you free yourself from your past emotional distress so that you are liberated to live the life you were meant to live.
Rebeka Javanshir-Wong
Venice, California


I can’t overstate the positive effect that Sherry has had on me. When I first came to her I was at a point in my life where I felt the veneer was starting to crack; that I wouldn’t be able to maintain the illusion of stability anymore I had been using to disguise my great inner misery. Sherry’s help was caring and non-judgmental. At times I was astounded by her patience. With her and EFT we unpacked, and I feel I finally reconciled, years of my childhood trauma, deep feelings of jealousy in otherwise wonderful current relationships, and a debilitating procrastination for my writing and art that has held me back for years. With Sherry’s collection of fantastic tools such as EFT and guided meditation, I have been able to foster the regular writing practice I had always wanted but not given myself, and healed the inner wounds and beliefs at the root of it! My screenplay is almost done. Her help is both effective and amazingly quick. She has transformed my life. Thank you, Sherry!
~Michael F. Portland, Oregon


Sherry has a calming and powerful way of working with people. She is an attentive listener, intelligent and skillful. I worked with Sherry on an emotional issue stemming from a past event that happened many years ago. She answered all my questions and was able to maneuver through the clutter and bring clarity to my situation. Her kindness and gentle demeanor made me feel I was always protected and in a safe space. While working with her I noticed she has an ability to guide and help you make connections that lead to several surprises and “aha’s” along the trail. It allowed me to make many discoveries that led to both insights and deep healing which has brought lasting relief. Sherry leaves you feeling better, lighter, happier and more confident. I feel very fortunate to know I have someone as wonderful as her I can always turn to whenever the need arises.
~ Jennifer Hall
Indianola, Washington


I had the good fortune to meet Sherry at a workshop we were both taking, after which we swapped sessions multiple times. I found Sherry to be a skilled practitioner who could address issues I brought to the table from both my current reality and my past. She is compassionate, flexible to accommodate the needs and style of her client, while remaining true to the practice techniques. On more than one occasion she helped me resolve long held issues that were impacting my emotional well-being in the moment. This included the turmoil that arose after my dad’s death when it seemed like everything unresolved or related to what was unresolved came up for healing. Sherry has the capacity to hold space for her client’s process to unfold while not getting stopped in the feelings. She is a valued colleague and I am grateful for the healing I have experienced through working with her. As a mental health professional, I have a high bar for any practitioner I see when I am a client. Sherry easily meets my expectations and I will continue to seek her out for services.
Lorrie Herzberg, LCSW
San Diego, California


I was stuck in anxiety and uncertainty around moving forward with my goals. I had some sort of feeling that my grandfather might offer some insights. This didn’t really make since to me as my grandfather died long before I was born. Sherry explained the technique of “empty chair conversations”. I was fascinated and ready for deep work. My grandfather gave me insights and encouragement. The conversation shed light on my reluctance in accomplishing my goals. As a result I was able to take the next steps with confidence. I was filled with gratitude for the guidance of my grandfather and for Sherry’s creative talent that led me safely and thoroughly in connecting with him.
~Maria DePasquale
RN Manager
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


I went to Sherry to work on a phobia I have had since I was a small child which is a long time considering I am 64 years old.   Sherry helped me find all the different aspects of the issue quickly, and guided me in tapping through all of them, and within a matter of an hour, the phobia was completely gone!   Sherry is very skilled and confident and I am so grateful for her help.
~ David Gravelle, Olympia Washington


It is so easy to work with Sherry – both in a practical-scheduling-flexibility way and an emotional safety way.  I’ve met with her in her home and over Skype, and either way there is a strong connection.  Our sessions have been very productive in helping me get to the root of key issues, sometimes by following a seemingly inconsequential thought or memory.  Sherry’s a great listener and very skilled at capturing the essence of what I’m saying.  By following her tapping guidance and verbal cues I’m able to get out of my head so that I’m able to be really present in my heart and body where the feelings live.  At the same time, the goal of each session is totally my call; she simply facilitates my work at a deeper level than I have been able to achieve tapping on my own.  Overall, EFT is improving my everyday life, more than I expected it to.  I am calmer and more accepting – especially with myself.  I have more energy, so much so that I have been exercising because I actually WANT to.  For the first time in my life it doesn’t feel like a should.
~Leanne Murray, Warren, Oregon


I thank Sherry every day for coming into my life and helping me with [my] challenges. Sherry is absolutely amazing when she performs the EFT work. She is very caring, understanding, and pays great attention to all the details. I like that she writes everything down and keeps going back to check on each thing to make sure we have cleared it. Sherry will be a huge asset to all the people that she will work with in EFT in the future.